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We come to slay

    At any given moment, at any given time in the day, you can find Senegalese women and men dressed to kill. The colors often speak of the personality of the wearer or the mood that they might be in, in that particular moment or for the specific event at hand. Fashion is a HUGEEEE deal in Dakar. No other day other than on Fridays is this statement truer.


    « Senegal is majority Muslim – about 90% »

    Like most African countries, Senegal is majority Muslim – about 90%. Fridays is the day of worship for the Senegalese. The day is often slower than any other day of the week, with most businesses and shops halting all operations between 1pm – 3pm – the time for Friday prayer.

    FRIDAY ROUTINE “ …three-piece boubous or women wearing the latest, most intricate designed fabrics…”

    On your way to your activities, you may see hoards of men – walking to Jummah prayer – with their three-piece boubous or women wearing the latest, most intricate designed fabrics sewn together into dresses, wrap skirts or headwraps. The shoes and bags MUST match in some way, the colors chosen for the day. To the ladies and men who remind us that pride for Africans, is in putting your best face forward – even if the world around you is crumbling – because as the saying goes – when you look good, you feel good – We Salute You!