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Afrique from our vantage point
One story at a time…


Mounas is originally from NYC and is currently based in Dakar, Senegal. Having earned Masters’ degrees in Public Administration and Education, Mounas’ found herself on a path to Dakar to educate and shape the minds of the youth. Her passion lies in connecting, educating and inspiring young women and youth through mentorship as well as shaping the narrative about Afrique and its treasures to those that are seeking to learn. Always the educator, Mounas is also passionate about learning and educating others on diverse, equity and inclusion as it relates to BIPOC folk, women, and students with learning needs.

What we do

Sharing inspirational stories of returnees and life on the continent. From our blog posts to our podcast and videos you will find something to relate to for motivation, entertainment, lifestyle enhancement or as an opportunity to peek inside the journey’s of those returning to Africa.